Gotland Products: The three-crop sheep

Fleece – Furskins – Meat

Gotland Fleece

The fine fleece, silver grey, lustrous and curly, is versatile and very warm. Spun yarn can be used to make soft, delicate garments or weatherproof outdoor wear. If dyed, very subtle modified shades are obtained. The fleece is also one of the few that is excellent for felt making.

Gotland Furskins


Curl, lustre and size make the Gotland furskin unique. Skin quality is at its best, with fleece showing true character and style, when the lambs are 6 to 7 months old and ideally ready for slaughter. Soft suede textured, factory-processed furskin with short, silky astrakhan-like curls is produced from the best 6 to 7 month old lambs. It is used to make luxurious Gotland sheepskin garments – waistcoats, jackets, hats and soft toys. Full and half-length fleece pelts from older sheep, factory or home produced, make decorative, practical and warm snuggle rugs, furnishing and floor rugs.

Gotland Meat

Lambs have a rapid growth rate and are capable of achieving at least 30 to 50 kg by 6 to 7 months old dependent on litter size. The meat is lean, tender, close textured and delicious, with a rich flavour. Left to run through the winter, as stores, the yearling hoggets of 45 kg or more give a higher yield of well-flavoured meat and also larger pelts.

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