The British Gotland Sheep Society (BGSS)


The original importation of Gotlands to Britain was in 1972 by the McDonald family who ran the Antartex sheepskin business in Glasgow. By 1983 Gotlands had spread to 10 breeders in Britain and the first flock book was published. Following this, an enjoyable and informative quarterly magazine Go Gotland -ran for four years helping to spread the word, resulting in a widely scattered network of enthusiastic Gotland owners. As a result of this enthusiasm the BGSS was formed in 1992 with the expressed aim of improving Gotland sheep through breeding and to encourage their use, appreciation, protection and well being in the UK.

Membership Benefits

  • Quarterly newsletter – for articles, information, views, events, sales and adverts.
  • Gotland gatherings – meetings and workshops to discuss policy, Gotland husbandry, sheep appraisal, fleece assessment and simply to share the enjoyment of keeping Gotlands.
  • Breed promotions – at shows and other suitable events.
  • Flock Book registration – only available to Society members. Registration records go back to 1982.
  • Wool Share Scheme – to enable members with small amounts of fleece to have it commercially spun into knitting wool.

Join The Society

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